What are Celio Fantastic Rewards?

Celio Fantastic Rewards is the new-age, cardless loyalty program for Celio India customers. Delivered and managed through mobile apps, it offers customers points and rewards for purchases at the store as well as social media interactions with the brand.

How do I become a member of Celio Fantastic Rewards?

There are three ways for you to become a member:

  1. Make a purchase at a Celio exclusive outlet and sign up at the billing counter.
  2. Download the Celio Fantastic Rewards App and sign up.
  3. Sign up at www.celiofantastic.com
Without a card, how will I know what my membership number is?

Simple! Your mobile number is your membership number. That’s all we need to recognise you as a member.

What platforms is Celio Fantastic Rewards App available on ?

Currently, the Celio Fantastic Rewards App is available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.

How do I use the program if I don’t have a smartphone?

Don’t worry. You can register at www.celiofantastic.com, track your points and learn about the latest rewards, offers and news from Celio. Naturally, you will always be able to earn and redeem points during your visits to Celio exclusive stores.

Why should I download the app?

The Celio Fantastic Rewards App is the nerve-centre of the program right on your phone. This enables you to interact with us even outside the store and earn Fantastic Rewards.

What happens if I change my mobile number?

Please visit the nearest store and get in touch with a store executive.

How do I earn points?

Celio Fantastic Rewards lets you earn two types of points:

  1. You earn Purchase Points when you shop at any Celio exclusive outlet.
  2. You earn Social Points when you interact with Celio on social media via the Fantastic Rewards App, through Likes, Shares, Comments and Check-Ins.
What are Purchase Points?

Purchase Points are your rewards for shopping with us. For every Rs. 100 you spend at Celio, you earn 1 Purchase Point, which is worth Re. 1 in redemption value.

What are Social Points?

Social Points are your reward for interacting with us on social media, through the Celio Fantastic Rewards App. You earn points for actions such as Liking or Following us, Sharing your purchases or offers, Checking-In at a Celio store, and more. 1 Social Point is worth Re. 1 in redemption value.

View point values of social actions.
Do I need to make a purchase to start earning points?

You can only earn Purchase Points when you make a purchase. However, you can earn Social Points via the app by engaging with us on social networks.

I don’t see my latest purchase in the app! What do I do?

While most purchases will be credited instantly, network inconsistencies may cause a delay in updating the App. Please allow a maximum of 24 hours for your transaction to appear. If the problem persists, please

contact us
Which social networks can I earn Social Points on?

Currently, we support Social Points on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Foursquare.

How long are my points valid for?

Your points are valid for 1 year from the date of accrual.

How do I redeem my points?

  1. Visit an exclusive Celio store.
  2. Redeem a maximum of 250 Social Points (limited to 1 invoice a day), plus all your Purchase Points against each purchase by approaching the Cashier.
  3. To enable you to do so, you will receive an Email and SMS with your One-Time Password (OTP). This is generated to authenticate your identity. You need to provide this OTP to the Cashier for the redemption of your points.
Do I need a minimum number of points to redeem?

For now, a member will need to have a minimum of 25 Purchase Points to be able to start redeeming them.

Do I need to make a purchase to redeem my Social Points?

Yes. While you can earn Social Points without making a purchase, you will only be able to redeem them after making a purchase.

Do I earn Purchase Points for all my transactions?

Yes, earning and redemption of points is possible on all transactions except on purchase of Gift Cards and purchases made during the End of Season Sale periods.