Denim Styling - Do’s and Don’ts


By Celio India - Aug 24, 2017, 12:20 PM

Jeans are the bread and butter of a man’s wardrobe. Check out our new Denim collection which is part of our Autumn Winter ’17 collection. We are here to make sure that you not only buy the right pair but also style it right!

Everyone has a classic black denim. Juggle your wardrobe with a grey pair of jeans and add a pop of colour with a t-shirt of your choice! Going to a meeting? You can still pair these with a crisp black shirt and a pair of brogues and you are good to go.

Upgrade your regular blue denim with this ripped one and channel your grunge vibes! Ripped jeans are best for those clubbing nights when you have NO idea what to wear. Ripped jeans + Shirt + Sneakers = Clubbing ready

Your SOS has been answered! Our new Denim collection is here to rescue you from your style rut. Pair it with a basic white t-shirt for a day date or go jazzy with prints for a party; the world is your oyster!

Show your might by taking in all the whites we offer! Make your white pants stand out even more by pairing them with a bright coloured t-shirt. Time to pair your brights with your whites!

You see it in shows and on the streets. Why not go with the flow! Test out the on-going monochromatic look and make it your go-to style.

Is your pair of blue jeans your safety net? Because our collection of blue jeans is never-ending. Pick the shade and fit that flatters you and your body. Elevate your look by putting on a baseball cap!

Like patterns and pleats? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Check out this one of a kind pair and team it with a nice bottle green polo and loafers for a casual off-duty look.


Now that we have given you fashion tips to make you float with all the trends, hit your nearest celio store to check out the Denim collection and get ready to make your lifelong commitment to jeans!